Dennis Davitt
Partner, Harvest Volatility Management
Implementing Options and Volatility-Based Strategies within Institutional Portfolios
Friday, March 9, 2018
11:00 am

Dennis Davitt is currently Partner, Harvest Volatility Management.  Dennis has traded derivatives for the past 30 years, trading his way from the exchange floors of Chicago to the trading desks of New York. Dennis has been a guest writer for the popular volatility column “Strike Price” in Barrons, and has often been invited to provide market color and option commentary on television shows such as CNBC. 

Prior to his role at Harvest Volatility Management, Mr. Davitt was the Head of Americas Equity Derivatives for Credit Suisse and Macquarie Bank. At these banks, he had responsibility for all aspects of trading and risk management from proprietary trading, automated market making, exotics, corporate, LATAM, and flow trading (both index and single stock), a group encompassing over ten billion dollars of the bank’s capital.  While at Credit Suisse, Dennis helped develop the firm’s structure on integrating all of the above products under one common risk mandate. 

As an original member of Wolverine Trading, Dennis learned the value of liquidity, and the need to adapt quickly to new markets and innovate inside the old ones. Later at CS, one of those innovations was the Credit Suisse Fear Barometer (CSFB) that Dennis had copyrighted.  The CSFB index is one of the simple ways to measure skew in the marketplace, and thus a strong indicator of the desire for downside protection or fear of a market correction.  This tool is still an integral part of many derivative research pieces written today.  

Having worked in most areas utilizing derivatives as a tool; floor trading for Wolverine; proprietary and flow trading for large banks; and now as a portfolio manager for Harvest Volatility Advisors; Mr. Davitt has a distinct view on derivatives and their place in the markets and within portfolios, and he is not afraid to share it. 

Dennis looks forward to discussing his thoughts with you.


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